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Pukka Pineapple with Mint-Sugar - "Pukka" Up!

1. Genuine; authentic.
2. Superior; first-class.
3. properly or perfectly done, constructed, etc.
 It's like sunshine melting in your mouth.  Close your eyes and imagine walking on a serene beach, toes buried in cool, white sand.  A cloudless sky with heat tempered by a cool breeze skipping off the ocean.  Radiant sun warms your shoulders...your cheeks...your nose.  You slowly part your lips.  Your breath catches in anticipation.  Now slowly open wide and take a big bite.  Savor it.  Yeah.  It tastes like that.
Pukka Pineapple w/ Mint-Sugar
slightly adapted from Happy Days with the Naked Chef
serves 4

1 ripe pineapple
4 heaping Tbs. sugar
1 handful fresh mint
plain greek yogurt, to serve

Cut the ends off of your pineapple and peel it with a sharp knife.  Cut it into quarters, lengthwise.  Lay each quarter on its side and slice off the core.  Slice each quarter as thinly as you can, lengthwise again.  Lay out flat in one or two layers on a large plate.

Place the sugar and the mint in a large mortar and bash the bejeezus out of it until you have a big pile of minty sugar, a minute or so.

When ready to serve, sprinkle the mint-sugar all over the pineapple...don't be shy!  Serve with a big dollop of greek yogurt.  That's dessert, baby.  Or possibly a snack.  Heck, I'd eat it for breakfast or lunch.
Should you happen to have some pineapple leftover, throw it in the blender and make a piña colada, a blended margarita or maybe a pineapple mojito with it.  You won't be sorry.  This stuff is super addicting.  Everybody swooned a little bit.  I dare you to try to keep your fingers out of the mint sugar.
Our theme at IHCC this week is Time for Dessert!