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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

event announcement: I am hosting Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking: Spelt (or Oats) in Breakfast this month

Spelt Berries (photo credit)
Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking (the event) was started by Sanjeeta kk of Lite Bite as a way to explore cooking with different whole grains in various applications as a way of boosting nutrition in our everyday meals. Each month a different whole grain and theme (breakfast, lunch, dinner, baking, etc) is chosen by the host and recipes from all over are brought together into one place. This month I have chosen SPELT as the whole grain and BREAKFAST as the theme. I have been told that some countries are not able to find spelt readily available, so as a substitute...if you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT FIND SPELT...then OATS may be used instead.
Spelt in and out of the husk (photo credit)
Spelt is an ancient grain...a grain from antiquity.  You can trace its use back over 7,000 years ago with roots in Iran and Southeastern Europe.  It was one of the first grains used in baking bread.  Spelt was important and served as a staple grain in the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome.  It was so well regarded that it took on symbolic importance as it was used as a gift to the pagan gods of agriculture to promote agriculture and fertility...and is mentioned in the Bible.  Spelt was used by the healer Hildegard von Bingen as a remedy for many illnesses during the middle ages.  Spelt has a nutrient-rich husk that is harder to process than wheat, and many think that this led to it's seclusion and made people turn to easier-to-process grains.

Not to leave Oats in the dust...they have fantastic benefits, as well.  With their high fiber content and ease of growing even in the sandiest of soils, they have become a staple for breakfast around the world.  While not the same, the rolled versions of spelt and oats can be used (as-is or ground) in many of the same applications...think breakfast cereal, granola, and streusel toppings.
So, do a little more research if you like...or just head into the kitchen and put those fabulous whole grains to use.  You can use spelt (or oats) in any form to bake or cook a dish suitable for breakfast (or even brunch).  Look for spelt in the baking or healthy-foods section of your regular grocery store.  Check local health food stores or bulk bins.  If you are having trouble finding spelt locally, don't forget the numerous online sources.  Since I still haven't been able to find spelt locally, I usually order my Whole-Grain Stone-Ground Spelt Flour and Rolled Spelt from Bob's Red Mill.  I'll be ordering some Spelt Berries to experiment with this month.  Also, try Amazon who has numerous sources all in one spot. 
How to participate in Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking:
  •  Cook or bake something using the chosen whole grain (in any form) for this month which is SPELT (or oats if you are unable to find spelt). It should be a dish that could be eaten for BREAKFAST (or BRUNCH).  It should be keep with the basically, don't deep-fry those spelt doughnuts, okay? Or do, but bake some as well...just to give the option of healthy eating.
  •  Post about it on your blog with a link back to THIS post and a link to Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking at Lite Bite.  Use of the logo is encouraged, but optional.
  •  Your must post must be current (made & posted during June '11).  Archived recipes may be used if re-posted and linked as required.
  •  Non-bloggers can participate by emailing me their entries w/ photo & other pertinent information. 
  • Limit of 2 entries per person, please.
    •  Email me your entries: girlichef (at) yahoo (dot) com and include:
                         ~Your name & location (country)
                         ~Your blog's name and URL
                         ~The name of your dish and the permalink to the specific post you're submitting
                         ~Attach a photo of any size (or just give me permission to "pull" one from your post)
                         ~Indicate "WWC Submission" in the subject line

        Deadline for submission is: June 30, 2011
     Code for regular size badge (copy & paste, if you wish) 

    <a href=""target="_blank"><img src="" width="240" height="167" alt="new June logo"></a>
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    I will post a roundup of all of the entries shortly following this deadline.  I can't wait to see what you come up with.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section or send me an email.
    *reference and a great place to find out more information about spelt (& other whole grains): The World's Healthiest Foods

    Would you like to comment?

    1. Interesting to learn about the different grains.

    2. I like this idea, I have been using whole grains a lot more often latley. It will be great to get more ideas, especially for breakfast! I haven't use spelt yet.

    3. Love the description about both the grains. Wish I could get Spelt and do some cooking with it. Oats being a staple at home is the obvious choice for your event.
      Lovely announcement write up, H! Happy hosting, wish to see scrumptious and healthy Breakfast recipes in the round up.
      And thanks again for being the lovely Host :)

    4. That is a new grain for me. Thanks for the introduction. Happy hosting :)

    5. i will surely participate in this...started thinking

    6. Look forward to it. It's amazing to see the "comeback" of these ancient grains. Great selection!

    7. I love spelt and use it quite often. I look forward to seeing what everyone will come up with!

    8. Happy hosting..will send my entries soon..

    9. Happy hosting, love to send some entry.

    10. Am not much of a baker and never heard of spelt at all .. so looking forward to learn from the round up :)

    11. Spelt is new to me...never seen it here...oats has to be the option!

    12. My local Whole Foods sells speltberries for dirt cheap! Time to start brainstorming!

    13. Sounds like a fun event. I actually bought some spelt flakes (rolled spelt) the other day to play with. ;-)

    14. Sounds like a wonderful challenge. I'll be looking forward to checking out all the entries!

    15. that's a lovely grain Heather :) nice to learn about it..

      however, I have used Oats in a recipe I just mailed you !! Do check it out !!

      Would also look forward to your wonderful vegetarian One Pot Meals that you could repost and link to my event

      Event: One Pot Meals