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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Devilishly Good Halloween Party!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Casillero del Diablo Wines. All opinions are 100% mine.
A Devilishly Good Halloween Party with Casillero del Diablo Wines
This one is for all of the grown-ups out there who enjoy a little Halloween fun as much as the kids do. I'm partnering with Casillero del Diablo Wines, the single most distributed wine brand in the world (and sold in over 146 countries), to bring you ideas for throwing A Devilishly Good Halloween Party. Once the front porch lights are extinguished and the trick-or-treaters have dumped out and sorted all of their goodies, it's your turn.

This party starts with a century-old legend. The Legend of Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, the founder of the Concha y Toro winery in Chile, built a wine cellar (or "casillero") for storing his very best wines. One day he noticed that his wines were disappearing from his cellar. He suspected a thief, and in order to protect his wines, he started a rumor in the community that his casillero was haunted by the devil himself! The rumor spread through the town, and his cellar became known as the casillero del diablo—or the devil's cellar! His plan worked, and his wines were never stolen again.

Isn't that a fun theme for an adult Halloween party!? First it's time to set the scene:
  • Start with a treat of your own by pouring yourself a glass of the wine protected by the devil; Casillero del Diablo has a good range of wines (red, white, and sparkling), so you're sure to find something that suits your tastes. 
  • Turn down the lights and light some candles or oil lamps to set the mood. 
  • Choose several varieties of Casillero del Diablo to set out for your guests.
  • Tell everybody the theme in advance, asking them to come in character. From a full-blown devil-themed costume to a simple horned head piece and a pitchfork, make it a requirement (believe me, it'll help to set the mood). You could also have a welcome table full of devil horn "headbands", pin-on pointed tails, and various types of pitchforks for those who thought they could get in without a costume.
  • Put together a themed playlist on your phone, tablet, iPod, or computer—or go old-school and make a mix tape or cd. Either way, have speakers or a sound system of some sort set up so that your Devilishly Good Playlist can play on a loop throughout the party. Here's a playlist I've put together for you. It has a mix of rock, blues, jazz, alternative, country, and pop music.
A Devilishly Good Playlist, inspired by Casillero del Diablo Wines by All Roads Lead to the Kitchen
(Download a PDF of this playlist HERE)

  • Don't forget the food! I wanted to continue the theme, so my menu includes all sorts of Devilishly Delicious choices. I stuck with mostly finger foods, a casual stand-up and mingle sort of affair in mind, but you could definitely turn one of the smaller dishes into a main dish (the Shrimp Fra Diavolo!) if you wanted to do a sit-down dinner party.
Shrimp Fra Diavolo for a Devilishly Good Halloween Party

A Devilishly Good Party Menu

Devils on Horseback
Prunes plumped in wine, stuffed with a smoked almond and a sliver of aged gouda, then wrapped in bacon.

Deviled Eggs
A creamy herbed filling with pancetta crumbles.

A Trio of Deviled Crostini
Deviled Crab, Deviled Ham, and Deviled Chicken on Toasted Baguette Slices

Shrimp Fra Diavolo
Plump shrimp in a slightly spicy wine-infused tomato sauce.

Devil's Food Brownie Bites
Rich, fudgy, sinfully delicious bites - with or without toasted nuts.

Sangria del Diablo
Crisp apples and pears infuse this ruby red fruity wine beverage.

A Trio of Casillero del Diablo Wines
 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Brut Reserva

  • Make some fun, festive, and inexpensive cocktail picks (aka fancy toothpicks) for your guests to use with their finger foods. All you'll need are some pointed-end toothpicks, superglue, and fun beads (I chose a combination of read and devil's heads to fit the theme) with holes large enough to fit over the end of the toothpick. Simply dip the tip of your toothpick in glue, then slide on a bead or two. Allow to dry completely before using.
Devilishly Fun Cocktail Picks for a Casillero del Diablo Halloween Party

Casillero del Diablo Wine

More about the Casillero del Diablo Wines featured in this post: Even though it is considered a "new world" wine, Casillero del Diablo has a long history. It was first introduced to the international market in 1963, and it was one of the first Chilean Wines to be sold in the US, making its debut in the 1980's.

It is the #1 premium Chilean wine brand in the US and the #1 imported Cabernet Sauvignon in its price category ($8.99 to $10.99). With a strong consumer fan base in Latin American and rapidly growing popularity in the US, It is consistently awarded “Best Buy” recognitions from both domestic and international wine critics (Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits Magazine).

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*Cartoon Devil Illustration on playlist picture via Shutterstock