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Friday, October 2, 2015

Conchas - One SHELL of a Roundup! #BreadBakingBabes

One SHELL of a Bread Baking Buddies ROundup: Conchas
As the designated Kitchen of the Month for the Bread Baking Babes, my challenge to both the BBBabes and anybody else who wanted to join in as a BBBuddy was to bake a batch of my favorite Mexican pan dulce—CONCHAS!

I shared a recipe in the post for a basic sweet dough, that is enriched and very slack, similar to a brioche, as well as links to a few other recipes for conchas. All of them are basically the same, producing a tender, but sturdy, base for the real star of the show—the gloriously crumbly and sweet sugar shell.

I encouraged everybody to experiment with the not only the basic ingredients such as the fat and the sugar, but also the color, flavor, and cutting/forming of the topping. As a concha lover, I dreamed of the legions of submissions that would come rolling in...making me long for a hollow leg and the metabolism of my youth. But it turns out that only three brave souls stepped up to my challenge this month.

So, this roundup is going to be short...but incredibly sweet. Thanks so much to Victoria, Kelly, and Carola for not only taking the challenge—but nailing it! I love the little twists that each of these ladies took in the kitchen. I need (at least) one from each batch for my own enjoyment.

Orange Chocolate Conchas by My Bread and Brot
The flavors of chocolate and orange perfume these Orange Chocolate Mexican Conchas by Victoria from My Bread and Brot.

Conchas by A Messy Kitchen
These Conchas by Kelly from A Messy Kitchen have extra cinnamon in the sugar shell!

Conchas by Sweet and That's It
Carola from Sweet and That's It added some home-milled spelt to her Conchas

Also, here's the BBBabes Conchas from earlier this month: