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cookbook review: My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow

Hard Cover: 272 Pages
Photos: Yes

Chapters/Sections: How to Use this Book, The Well-Stocked Pantry, Soups, Salads, Burgers & Sandwiches, Pastas, Main Courses, Side Dishes, Breakfast, Desserts, Reliable Online Resources

Unique or Cool Features:  Forward by Mario Batali.  A touching, personal intro.  A great "how-to use this book" section in the beginning.  Tons of mouthwatering photos of food.  More great photos of Gwyneth and her family from the time she was young (it's always...okay, to see a glimpse into someone else's life).

(a few of the) Recipes Destined for my Kitchen:  Homemade Sriracha, Tortilla Soup (surprised?), Fish Stew, Anchovy Vinaigrette w/ Bitter Greens Salad, Fried Sole Sandwich w/ spicy mayo & pickles, Crispy Potato & Garlic Cake, Bruce Paltrow's World Famous Pancakes

My Thoughts/Review:  I adore this book.  After seeing it around and contemplating buying it, I checked it out from the library.  I knew within moments that it needed to be a permanent resident on my sagging shelves.  There were tons of colored slips of paper peeking from between the pages.  How perfect was it that I received an Amazon gift card worth just enough to buy it the very next day?  So, my very own copy was in my mailbox less than a week later...and the "markers" were transferred from the library copy to my own.  Gwyneth has a true passion for food and family and wonderful stories and food memories shared in the beginning to give us an idea of  "why" she wrote a cookbook...and interspersed throughout the rest of the book and the recipes.  She has a fantastic outlook on food and eating, though she openly admits she went through a pretty extreme raw phase when her father was diagnosed with cancer.  She treats food the way it should be treated and has compiled a fantastic book filled with balance, taste, and feeling.  Check it out- you'll see what I mean.

Recipes I have already tried:  
Seasonal Crumble (using peaches & strawberries)
 Spiced Apple Crumb Muffins
*I did NOT receive a free copy of this book...but I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you. 
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