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Friday, April 22, 2011

Jamie's Chicken Korma {soooo...the chicken came first?}

This was a very tasty curry.  However, I'm a bit spoiled for any other Korma than that Murgh Korma that I posted last October.  It seduced me and I haven't been able to shake how I felt when it was around.  That said, this is still tasty in its own right.  The original recipe called for a sweet curry paste, which I switched out for a spicy one...because I already had it in the pantry and I was just too lazy to make any from scratch.  So, with everything else in the house, this made a pretty darn tasty quick meal...with a few leftovers for Mexi to take to work the next day.
Chicken Korma
slightly adapted from Jamie's Food Revolution
serves 4-6

1¾ lb. skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1" chunks
2 medium onions, finely sliced
1 fresh green chile, seed & diced fine
thumb-sized piece of ginger, peel & finely chop
small bunch of cilantro
1 (15 oz.) can garbanzo beans, drained
olive oil
¼ c. hot curry paste, red
1 (14 oz.) can coconut milk
small handful of sliced almonds
2 heaping Tbs. unsweetened, shredded coconut
sea salt & freshly ground black pepper
~2 c. plain yogurt
1 lime, cut into wedges for serving

Separate the cilantro leaves from the stems.  Chop the stems fine and set leaves aside.

Put a large, deep pan or Dutch oven over high heat and add a couple glugs of oil and a pat of butter.  Add onions, chile, ginger, and cilantro stalks.  Stir often enough so that it doesn't burn, but turns golden, ~10 minutes.  Add curry paste, coconut milk, half your sliced almonds, drained beans, coconut, and chicken.  Half fill the empty can with water, pour into pan, stir everything around and bring to a boil.  Cover, lower heat to a simmer and cook for ~30 minutes.  Check from time to time to make sure it is not drying out...add a bit more water if needed.  Season with salt and pepper, if needed (be sure to check first, because mine didn't need any further seasoning).

Serve over hot rice, dolloped with yogurt.  Garnish further with the cilantro leaves, remaining almonds and lime wedges.
Our theme at IHCC this week is...The Chicken and the Egg

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  1. I LOVE this dish...when can I come over?

  2. this is such a pretty dish and I love those almonds on top ... Also, that spoon is adorable!

  3. Ummm...we are having Indian this weekend, I feel it in my Korma!

    You are cooking some lovely foods my dear! I think I smell them all the way over here!

  4. That looks so so yummy! Not only does it look so tasty, but it looks so beautiful! Great food photography. I'm not so good at it, and you inspire me to be better!

    Simply Kate

  5. looks tasty but all curries are different and he has probably made this easier for folks happy easter heather

  6. I think this calls for a side-by-side taste test comparison! Two kormas in my life, coming right up.

  7. Korma is my favorite kind of curry. Have you ever found that the leftovers taste even better after soaking in the sauce all night?

  8. Chicken korma with chickpeas awesome idea.

  9. Te ha quedado un platito delicioso.

    Saludos y felices fiestas.

  10. Lovely! So comforting, and the spicy paste will stave off this cold rain nicely.

  11. Looks a treat! Might just have to try both that you mentioned! Can't think of much that tops a hot curry on the autumn days approaching.

  12. mmmm, i don't make curry near enough, this looks amazing!

  13. As soon as I can find an inexpensive source for curry paste I am all over this. I looove this stuff!

  14. This looks absolutely delicious! I'm definitely going to try it!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter :-)

  15. I have many of your recipes bookmarked, but that curry from last fall isn't one of them. Gotta go find it and give it a try before this one. I l-o-v-e curries.

  16. well--it sure looks delicious. wishing you a very happy easter

  17. I never met a curry I didn't like - especially a Korma curry. On my list - this is a fun grouping of recipes - as a chicken and an egg lover - you have my undivided attention. Happy Easter!

  18. Caio Heather ! Your korma looks so yummy ! i will try the recipe soon !

  19. Ok. Ok. I cave. This week IHCC is bullying me into liking curry!

    I'd probably go with hot curry paste too.

  20. It looks delicious. And I was able to read your other korma recipe, which also looks great!

  21. This looks delicious and familiar. ;-) Great minds...

    I am glad to know you used prepared curry paste too--so I didn't feel too lazy lol! Great pick.

  22. Would love to try making korma from scratch especially with garbanzo beans. Great photos too!

  23. Hi there..okay your picture is beautifully taken,looks like a close runner up to the Murgh Korma