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Fried Eggs on Garlicky Fried Rice w/ Chile Vinegar

Fried eggs perched atop garlicky fried rice?  Oh yes, it's what's for breakfast.  Or lunch.  Or possibly even dinner.  Yes, I feel for garlic the way some people feel about chocolate.  It makes me happy.  If I see a recipe, article, blog post, book, tv show...whatever!...with some form of the word garlic in it, I have to investigate.  One of these years I hope to get to a garlic festival so that I can roam free amongst my own kind.  Fortunately, the hubs is one of us.  But wouldn't it be great to feel the affirmation of those around me?  To be welcomed by the soft yet sharp, subtle yet pungent whisper of garlic riding the breeze.  Perhaps I should look into the public school system and living conditions in GilroyHmmm.  I'm off to do a little research while you enjoy a plate of garlicky goodness.
Garlic Fried Rice w/ Chile Vinegar & an Egg
adapted from (My Favorite Philippine Breakfast) Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant
makes 2 svgs.

1 Tbs. olive oil
1 large garlic clove, sliced thinly
2 c. cooked Brown Basmati rice
2 eggs (or more if you wish)
coarse salt, to taste
chile vinegar (mine is jalapeños & de arbol in cider vinegar), to taste

Heat oil in large skillet or wok and fry the garlic pieces until barely golden.  Remove garlic and reserve.  Stir-fry the rice until hot and well coated with oil.  Take off heat and stir in reserved crispy garlic slices.  Remove to plates and quickly fry up (or cook however you wish) the eggs and slide them on top.  Sprinkle with salt and serve with the chile vinegar so each person to splash on as much as they like (or take a chile from the vinegar and eat it with the rice).

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